​Project Profile

What design fits customers best?

Background: Detail telephoto in Pompidou Museum of Modern Art, Paris. © Dan Abelow.

Project Profile

Deliver the best designs for customers

A $6 billion corporation was redesigning the most important section of its website, how customers choose its products and applications.

First, this project ran a separate user research study. That informed the three designs that were usability tested.

A global sample of representative customers spent 90 minutes each in a moderated and recorded online test session. Relevant managers and developers observed.

Participants were in their workplaces around the world, controlling the prototypes with their PCs and laptops. 

They each completed all "top tasks" with each prototype while doing "think aloud." Most completed all 22 tasks in this in-depth study.

Detailed analysis determined the strengths and weaknesses of the components in each design, along with the customers' mental models.

The best combination of components was determined, along with clear reasons why each component, and this new design, are best.

Combining the best parts of all 3 designs improves the user experience more than if the best single design is chosen.