Immediately valuable Services in each project or system

"Tomorrow is not just another day." -- Dan Abelow

Background: Detail telephoto in Pompidou Museum of Modern Art, Paris. © Dan Abelow.

Immediately valuable Services in each development project or system

What are your pain points? What are your ideal goals?

​Now you can prioritize the high-value leverage points that achieve your business goals the most.

Our efficient and focused Services fit your product's and service's life cycle.​

Immediately valuable Services in each development project or system:

  • Know your users:  User research
  • Fix designs right away:  Low- and high-fidelity usability tests
  • Find and fix user problems quickly during development:  Local or online usability tests
  • Learn from users rapidly and cheaply worldwide:  Automated online tests, Interactive dialogs
  • Meet the product's / service's goals:  Metrics tests, Summative tests
  • Re-use learnings from users:  Create and apply knowledge bases
  • Apply user knowledge widely and quickly:  Heuristic reviews
  • Competitive analysis:  Website, product and service benchmarking

How you benefit in each development project or system

Development Stage

Pain Point


Requirements and Design

Know your users

User research:  Online surveys, interviews, user/task analyses identify high-value performance and improvement opportunities.


Fix designs right away

Low-fidelity tests. Use online and paper designs to test key tasks quickly with real users. Find and fix problems — don't build them!


Find and fix user problems during development

High-fidelity tests. Find and fix user problems quickly throughout development, using small online and in-person tests. Test any time from early through finished builds.

Design and Development

Learn from users quickly and cheaply worldwide

Worldwide online tests. Obtain rapid and cost effective learning from 25 to 300 real users worldwide. Include customers, employees, suppliers and/or partners. Measure usability, utility, task success, customer journeys, satisfaction and more.

Mid- to Late Development

Meet the product's / service's goals

Metrics tests measure exit criteria, critical failures, cost-benefit, value added. Summative evaluations are run at launch or later to determine goal achievements and next requirements — or fix user problems immediately.

Design and Early Development

Re-use learnings from users

Create knowledge bases and apply them. Combine findings from multiple tests. Create targeted customer success heuristics. Deliver online to multiple designers and development teams. Advance abilities and user-centered culture.

All stages

Apply user knowledge widely and quickly

Heuristic reviews. Apply user knowledge in rapid reviews. Identify user problems in products, services and systems, and eliminate them immediately.

Services and Benefits:

Meet Dan Abelow, Founder Breakthrough UX

Dan Abelow
Founder Breakthrough UX, Inventor Expandiverse Technology and Architect Digital Earth 2025 Roadmaps

  • Degrees from Harvard and Wharton.
  • Drove advances at world-leading companies like Accenture and Cisco Systems.
  • Previous patents licensed by over 500 companies.
  • Over 500 patent citations of new Expandiverse Technology to build a people-first Digital Earth.

Meet Dan (0:53 video)

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