Grow All the Way?

First lead a fully digital industry. Then scale to help Lead the World.

The Expandiverse: The People-First Digital Earth

Background: Detail telephoto in Pompidou Museum of Modern Art, Paris. © Dan Abelow.

How far will you grow?

Would your company scale industry leadership to help lead the world?

When you're ready, Expandiverse Technology adds a roadmap for your company to lead your Industry, then help lead the World.

  • When you look beyond your industry, how much of the economy is available for this new platform?
  • How would you make money by expanding your platform? How large is this revenue and profit opportunity?
  • What are your strategic options? Dangers if you do nothing? Opportunity to own industry leadership? To consume other companies and industries?
  • During the next decade, companies will spend over $1 trillion on their Digital Transformations.
  • New Expandiverse Technology was created to take advantage of this historic inflection.

Start with one project and reach its goals. See the quality of your results. Then start thinking about how far you can go.

Consider delivering and capturing the Digital Earth everyone expects.

Capture the still available Digital Earth Inflection (8:38 video)

Based on Dan Abelow's keynote speech to The Conference Board's Digital Transformation Council

Customizable Strategic Roadmaps for your Digital Earth leadership:

Digital Earth 2025:  Roadmaps to Prosperity and Greatness for All
The Expandiverse People-First Digital Earth: Life, Business, Entertainment, Everything

Industry Roadmaps

Media 2025 Roadmap:  Lead the world by become its

Media 2025 Roadmap

Develop your Media Leadership by adding an individually controlled Gateway Platform.

Deliver personalized information, advertising and Individual Success — tomorrow's actionable Media.

See the Media Roadmap now >

Work 2025 Roadmap: Whose Platform will be the Future of Work and how Business is done?

Work 2025 Roadmap

Develop your Work Leadership by becoming the "Platform for Real-Time Work" around the world.

Converge customers, employees, suppliers, distributors, markets and the economy.

See the Work Roadmap now >

Commerce 2025 Roadmap: Embedded commerce will evolve into a dominant, invisible channel inside work, life and entertainment

Commerce 2025 Roadmap

Embed Active Commerce and develop your Commercial Leadership.

Replace search, advertising, shopping and retail with “moment of need” knowledge, tools and commerce.

See the Commerce Roadmap now >

Global Roadmaps

Supply Chain 2025 Roadmap: One Supply and Demand Platform will lead a continuously connected global economy

Supply Chain 2025 Roadmap

​Disrupt and lead the economy with Connected Consumption, and a FAST Platform for Worldwide Prosperity.

By 2025, one or a few companies could lead tomorrow’s Supply and Demand Chains.

Roadmap Summary >

See the Supply Chain Roadmap now >

DX Digital Transformation 500x306

Corporate Digital Transformation Roadmap

​Do your Global Transformation. Then help other companies through their Transformations.

Deliver their Digital Earth Platform as a cloud service, and help thousands of companies lead the world...

See the DX Roadmap now >

Growth 2025 Roadmap: Solve low economic growth, inequality and middle class decline

Economic Growth 2025 Roadmap

Help lead the world to faster economic growth and the solution to inequality. 

Start Universal Prosperity through Exponential Personal Growth.

See the Growth Roadmap now >

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