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How to Know, Add, Measure and Lead

Change the technology and change the world

Background: Detail telephoto in Pompidou Museum of Modern Art, Paris. © Dan Abelow.

Accelerate Revenue Growth:  Know, Add, Measure and Lead

See your users as they really are

Add "always on relationships" so you and users know each other — see visible users' gaps and unmet needs:

  • ​Add a historic advance over Adam Smith's "invisible hand of the marketplace," from 1776.
  • Active Knowledge creates the new "Visible Hand of the Marketplace" — you can see user gaps by helping people succeed in tasks and steps.
  • Use Shared Spaces and Digital Boundaries to build always-on relationships with consumers.
  • Deliver Journeys to Quality that lock out competitors. Turn always-on relationships into exclusive customers.

Lead a people-first world that users control:

  • Users have the right to control what they display on their screens.
  • New Digital Boundaries give users control over the ads, content, images and information they do and don't want.
  • People changed entire industries when they took control of music and news, and are now adding ad blocking.
  • Next, they could transform industries with their choices about unhealthy food (obesity and disease) and fossil fuels (global warming from carbon-based energy).
  • Each user adds a kill switch on the world they don’t want, and a portal into the kind of world they want to enjoy.
  • Millions of users' choices can be delivered to them, cheered on by chosen companies whose ads will be welcomed, relevant and accurate.
  • When everyone can choose the world they want, whose world will the economy build?

Customer Journeys to Quality (5:25 video)

Based on Dan Abelow's keynote speech to The Conference Board's Digital Transformation Council

Lead the World (3:46 video)

Based on Dan Abelow's keynote speech to The Conference Board's Digital Transformation Council

Accelerate your company's growth:  How to turn the new "Visible Hand of the Marketplace" into revenues and progress:

  • ​See users' gaps. Know their unmet needs every day.
  • For each gap, calculate its potential EVA, Economic Value Added.
  • Turn the most valuable gaps into your new products and services... see the video.
  • Fill the biggest needs with your new products and services.
  • Deliver them with your platform's Active Knowledge, Active Resources and Active Commerce — this is an invisible, embedded marketing channel inside users' "moments of need."
  • Lead the Digital Economy:  See new needs and fill them rapidly.
  • Turn your "Visible Hand of the Marketplace" into corporate economic leadership.

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How are you going to win against the billion-user platforms, AI's and voice bots from Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft and Apple?