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Innovation Leadership:

New Technology, Global Architecture and Strategy

Background: Detail telephoto in Pompidou Museum of Modern Art, Paris. © Dan Abelow.

Innovation Leadership:  Tomorrow's Digital Earth

Over 500 patent citations for Dan Abelow's new Expandiverse Technology

Go Big:  Leading tech companies' patent citations

Over 1 in 5 of the 500+ patent citations are from world leading tech companies

Over 500 patent citations of new Expandiverse Technology

Go wide:  Four clusters of citations

Top right: Services
Top left: Software and Apps
Bottom left: Manufacturing
Bottom right: Devices, Games and Virtual Reality

Over 500 patent citations of new Expandiverse Technology

Lead your industry, then scale to help lead a successful planet.

How? Use Expandiverse Technology to build a people-first Digital Earth.

Expandiverse Technology, Accelerate and Lead

By 2020-2025 we will live on a Digital Earth with always-on connections, tools and resources:

  • Connected Consumption will learn your personal consumption patterns. It will deliver to you accurately from your continuously connected vendors, with quality and savings.
  • Active Knowledge will embed your "next best steps" in what you do digitally, so you can succeed quickly throughout every day.
  • Active Resources will embed the "best digital tools" as switchable options, so you can switch immediately and be guided to high levels of success.
  • Active Commerce will embed an invisible relationship with your trusted vendors inside your “moments of need." Search and shopping will be obsolete. An efficient economy will fit your needs with lower prices, higher quality and the life you choose.
  • Digital Boundaries will put users in control of screens, making the interface the world's most valuable real estate. A consumer-directed economy will evolve Partnership Capitalism, a new growth engine for trusted companies.
  • Shared Life Spaces will add continuous connections for digital living, working and entertainment. Everyone will gain powerful and far-reaching, multiple digital "presences."

Perspective:  What do Patent Citations mean?

  • Within 10 months of issuing, the first Expandiverse patent was cited over 500 times by subsequent patents.
  • This compares to an average patent receiving 3-6 citations during its entire lifetime. Only a few patents out of millions are cited more than 100-200 times.
  • Over 1 out of 5 patent citations are from 8 of the biggest tech companies in the world.
  • Bill Gates cited this in 8 of his new patents.
  • This patent’s 1,400 page specification was divided into 31 technology categories by the U.S. Patent Office, enabling divisional patents through 2031.

Digital Architect and Strategist

Architect of Digital Earth 2025, and its Strategic Roadmaps, so your company can help lead a People-First Digital Earth, a planet of universally successful and increasingly prosperous people.

What will be the result? Everyday living will include humanity's combined knowledge, best tools and trusted commerce — at everyone's instant command, and with every person in control.

What will be made obsolete?​

  • Today's loss of personal control.
  • Today's frequent lack of knowledge and abilities.
  • The barriers to everyone becoming one of the world's most powerful and successful people.

Who leads this people-first world?

  • Your company can keep your current focus, and also add people-first technology.​
  • You disrupt your industry by making your customers, supply chain and employees the world's most powerful and successful. Then you scale to help lead a people-first planet.
Digital Earth 2025: Roadmaps to Prosperity and Greatness for All
Four stages: Lead your industry, then the economy

Four of the Digital Earth 2025 Roadmaps:

Media 2025 Roadmap
Commerce 2025 Roadmap
Work 2025 Roadmap
Supply Chain 2025 Roadmap

Media 2025

How will media and publishing regain world leadership? By becoming an equalizing gateway to universal personal success.

Commerce 2025

How commerce can grow, merge with e-commerce and become an embedded omnichannel that gets everyone what they want.

Work 2025

Own the global work platform that produces continuous success for employees, suppliers, companies and the economy.

Supply Chain 2025

Add always-on "connected consumption" and real-time customer responsiveness to vendors, suppliers and logistics.

Innovation Leadership:  Today's Technology

Dan Abelow's previous patents are licensed by over 500 corporations. Some of these include Apple, Google, Microsoft, Samsung Electronics, American Express, Ford Motor Company, MasterCard, Sony, Siemens, Oracle, Netflix and many others.

Dan's first digital communications patent has been cited over 700 times. This added 1-to-1 interactions between customers and vendors during product use. It also added 1-to-1 transactions and learning from customers' actual use. This was filed in 1992 and licensed by over 200 companies.

IP (Intellectual Property) Dan has filed has been cited over 2,200 times by subsequently filed patents. His patents are cited an average of over 300 times each.

Dan is co-author of Communications in the Modern Corporate Environment, a Prentice-Hall college textbook on data communications.​

Some of the over 500 licensees of the founder's previous patents:

Some of the over 500 licensees of the founder's previous patents

Experience and Expertise:

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