Today's billion-user platforms:  A few winners eat everyone

All you need to do is be...

Faster, cheaper and better...

...than Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft and Apple.


What design fits customers best?

Replace the most important section of the website of a $6 billion corporation. User research was done. Three design options were developed. This usability test determined the strengths and weaknesses of each design, the customers' mental models and the new combination design for the next stage of development and testing.

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Align managers and customers: Find and fix gaps

As managers direct the business, are they aligned with customers? Do they fit the customers' needs in product positioning, content and goals? This study determined how to maintain market leadership by maximizing customer success and satisfaction, while meeting the objectives of the business managers.

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Strategic user research frameworks: Speed, breadth and depth

As agile and lean processes become the norm, speed and scale have become UX core competencies. A rapid user testing framework learns real user insights that show teams what works, what doesn't and the top improvement priorities. At this client a strategic user research framework increased both quality and speed through 90 UX projects that transformed a major corporate website during years of rapid business growth and constant UX improvements.

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Some previous clients of Breakthrough Usability

Breakthrough UX helps you take and keep leadership by combining UX services with digital leadership roadmaps and new technology.


We help you start today by adding more advanced “always on" products, services and business processes.

As everything turns Digital First, these "always on" User Experiences (UX) become more powerful. They drive immediate successes by connected products and services, expanding your marketing, branding and businesses.

You receive quality, speed and savings:  We recommend the best, fastest and least expensive process to reach your goals.

Your Need and Pain Point


Know your users

User research

Fix new designs right away

Low- and high-fidelity usability tests

Find and fix user problems quickly during development

In-person or online usability tests

Learn from users rapidly and cheaply worldwide

Automated online tests, Automated interactions

Meet the product's or service's goals

Metrics tests, Summative tests, Analytics

Re-use learnings from users

Online knowledge bases, Tutorials, Video guides

Apply user knowledge widely and quickly

Heuristic reviews, Online guides, Webinar training

Competitive superiority

Website, product and service benchmarking


How do you lead a Digital Earth? 
One project and one step at a time.

Our services are immediately useful in each project or system. They are also valuable for creating and building what's new. Our delivery process is scalable, so it can help transform your company and culture — it gets you Future Ready and helps add Future skills to everyday work.

Accelerate your growth by...

Expand your worldwide abilities by...

See your users as they really are

Accelerate revenue growth:

  • ​Develop always-on relationships:  Learn user needs. Develop the right services and triggered interactions. Grow your relationships with consumers, employees, suppliers and partners.
  • Learn users' gaps:  In always-on relationships, see visible user gaps, learn unmet needs.
  • Guide users:  Active Knowledge guides users to real-time success with "next best steps" and "short paths" to goals.
  • Develop new user-driven revenues:  Connecting users gaps with delivered solutions creates a new "visible hand of the marketplace." Unmet needs are new investment opportunities.
  • Lead:  Fill unmet needs and market them during the "moment of need" with an invisible, embedded channel.

Grow your always-on resources and culture by adding us:

Services Delivery Model:


Dan Abelow, Founder Breakthrough UX, and Inventor Expandiverse Technology to build a Digital Earth

Dan Abelow 
Founder Breakthrough UX,  Inventor Expandiverse Technology and Architect Digital Earth 2025

  • Degrees from Harvard and Wharton.
  • Drove advances at world-leading companies like Accenture and Cisco Systems.
  • Previous patents licensed by over 550 companies.
  • Over 500 patent citations of new Expandiverse Technology to build a people-first Digital Earth.
  • Keynote speaker, takes your company or industry audience into a Digital Earth right away.

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Breakthrough UX, Lead the Digital Earth
Expandiverse Technology, Accelerate and Lead
Digital Earth 2025, Roadmaps to Prosperity and Greatness for All
Digital Earth 2025, Roadmaps to Prosperity and Greatness for All

Build Your Team

How are you going to win against the billion-user platforms, AI's and voice bots from Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft and Apple?

YOU ARE IN A PIVOTAL DECADE and your digital transformation will fail without next gen User Experiences 

Facebook, Google and Amazon keep eating the world. How will your company win against these giant platforms?

Your products and services need to evolve and lead with always-on User Experiences. These will connect you directly with customers, blocking the platforms that want to take your customer relationships. 

People-first Companies:

Connected Consumption Life Cycle

People-first economy:  Partnership Capitalism

The Big Flip: From corporation-first technology to new People-First Technology