Expandiverse Digital Earth Technology:  The "Reality Alternate" Patent

New Technology:

An Awesome
Digital Earth Awaits

Background: Detail telephoto in Pompidou Museum of Modern Art, Paris. © Dan Abelow.

On a Digital Earth:  New Connections, Consumption, All-Knowing Amplified People, Security, Privacy and much more...

Your Devices will have no limits. Neither will you.

Evolve Devices

In 3 stages, add always-on consumers, employees and suppliers:

  • With today's devices: Turn users always-on with a cloud "Virtual Teleportal."
  • As VR-AR-Mr arrive: Transform small to large devices into virtual Teleportals that are omnipresent and eclipse today's platforms.
  • One device per person:  New "glasses + earbuds" replace all devices, provide  an always-on immersive Digital Earth with far more powers and abilities for every person.
Connected Consumption

Connect Consumption

Continuously connect customers, vendors, suppliers and logistics:

  • Know personal consumption patterns and needs.
  • Supply individuals personally, continuously and efficiently.
  • Get the right products and services to the right customers at the right time.
  • Lead the Digital Economy with a FAST Supply and Demand Platform.

Deliver "Next Best Steps"

The best knowledge, tools and resources will find each person during tasks and steps, raising everyone to the top:

  • When a users flounders Active Knowledge adds the “best next step.”
  • When users perform poorly Active Resources can switch a user to the “best digital tool” and guide its use.
  • When a transaction is needed, Active Commerce provides an invisible, embedded channel inside each “moment of need” — making most shopping and e-commerce obsolete.

Flip AI into IA: Intelligence Amplification

​In an always-on, you-centered world, IA turns active and finds users. Relevant “next best steps,” tools and commercial choices will be embedded inside what you do, so you can succeed instantly.

When each person's actions are the trigger and IA is delivered as an optional part of each step, everyone will be more productive because they can succeed immediately.

We will become a world of winners. Universal success will be how our lives, economy and societies work. When everyone can succeed, we will begin universal prosperity, with unprecedented business and economic growth.

Embed Security and Safety

Always-on connections will serve everyone’s need to live a well-protected life in a safer world.

When security is turned into an embedded feature our homes, businesses, vehicles and property will recognize their owners, authorized users, and uses — and include self-protection.

It will also track our location, alert us to dangers, respond to incidents, deliver assistance and more.

Expand Privacy and Control

How will we turn the corner on the loss of privacy and control? New Digital Boundaries add user controls such as priorities, filters, paywalls, security and privacy. Every person gains digital kill switches and new ways to rise — to become what they choose.

​Personal control is based on always on, positive relationships that are a win-win for people, groups and trusted companies.

A Digital Earth will be a world of Personal Journeys to Quality Lives. It can be the world each person chooses and wants, for the first time.

Experience and Expertise:

Build Your Team

How are you going to win against the billion-user platforms, AI's and voice bots from Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft and Apple?