As tech races ahead your customers leave you behind

Here is where you take the lead


You're still building omni-channel, but your customers’ expectations have changed.
When you're behind, you lose. Start catching up now:

This Year: Do It All and Do It Now
Next Year: Artificial Intelligence
Control it in an App, with my Voice

This Year's UX Standard

This year your customers have Uber-like instant expectations. They expect you to satisfy them completely right away. 

Your customer journeys need to shrink to one step: Immediate complete satisfaction.

Next Year's Requirement

Next year they will expect your AI to use their personal profile and their online steps to anticipate what they want, and delight them.

This sea change means your staff will stop pre-planning customer journeys. They must deliver AI's that predict and produce what each customer expects next.

Connect Your Products, Marketing and Voice

You must also connect your products and turn them into IoT (Internet of Things) devices.

Soon, your customers will expect to run your products and marketing with their voice.

Breakthrough UX: Take the lead. Stay in the lead.

Here is where you take the lead:
First Movers deliver the next big Customer Experiences (CX) first.
They capture customers and markets at the speed of change.

We help you lead what's next: 
Don't be stuck in the past. We know how to add scalable CX leadership.
Being a CX leader will be your personal and company brand. Your identity is more than survival. It's how you take the lead, and keep it.


• Drove SMB (Small-Medium Business) product revenues from $250 million to $4 billion in 3 years by transforming product UX.
• Led 189 UX projects to grow a leading company, helping raise many products to #1 and helping drive breakaway revenue growth from $6 billion to $22 billion.
• As a global firm’s “Usability Assurancse Architect,” field developed and rolled out new UX processes that transformed methods and culture in 5,000 teams worldwide.
• Helped proposal teams win 7 to 9 figure contracts by adding leading-edge UX.
• Planned, facilitated and reported multi-day customer co-creation and feedback meetings in conference centers worldwide.

(Images blurred for client confidentiality)

User research framework: Speed, breadth and depth

As agile and lean processes become the norm, scale and speed are core competencies. This rapid user testing framework shows teams what works, what doesn't and their users' top priorities. At this client, doing 90 UX projects required a strategic user research framework that increased both their quality and speed. The result? Years of rapid business growth with continuous UX improvements.

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What design fits customers best?

Transform the most important section of a $6 billion corporation's website. User research was done. Three design options were developed. This usability test determined the strengths and weaknesses of each design, the customers' mental models and the "best combination" design for the next stage of development and testing.

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Align managers and customers: Find and fix gaps

As managers direct a business, how well are they aligned with their customers? Do they fit the customers' needs in goals, product positioning and content? This study acquired the user insights needed to maintain market leadership, maximize customer success and satisfaction, and also meet the objectives of the business's managers.

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Some previous clients of Breakthrough Usability

We help you take and keep leadership by combining UX services with digital leadership roadmaps and new technology.


What are your critical path digital goals and challenges? How fast do you need to exceed them?
We love turning your goals into a clear and direct achievements:

Breakthrough UX Capabilities


Our Principal Consultant's patents have been licensed by over 550 companies.
His inventions have been cited over 3,000 times.

Dan Abelow: Some licensees of previous patents

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Previous patents were licensed by over 550 companies that include Apple, Google, Samsung Electronics and Microsoft.

New Expandiverse Technology helps build a People First Digital Earth

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Expandiverse Technology helps build a People First Digital Earth. Some components include:

  • Shared Life Spaces: Always on superpowers
  • Families of Devices: Consistent environment
  • Active Knowledge: Universal success
  • Digital Boundaries: Privacy and protection


Dan Abelow 
Founder Breakthrough UX,  Inventor Expandiverse Technology and Architect Digital Earth 2025

  • Degrees from Harvard and Wharton
  • Drove advances at world-leading companies like Accenture and Cisco Systems
  • New Expandiverse Technology to build a Digital Earth: Already received over 1,000 patent citations
  • Keynote speaker: Takes your executives, company and industry into a People First Digital Earth right away
  • Check out Dan's Knowledge Center

Meet Dan (0:53 video)


Let’s talk about how we put you at the front by applying Customer Experience to your critical-path products, services, marketing and digital strategies.

We deliver one clear project at a time.  You always know what we do and how we exceed your expectations.

We are immediately useful in each project and system. We are especially valuable for conceiving, designing and user testing what's new.

Our delivery process is scalable, so we help accelerate your company and culture. We get your employees Future Ready and help grow their Future skills.

Instead of Amazon, Google and Facebook winning, we build your future. As customers evolve,  you capture the next generation. That's how we put you at the front, and help make you the leader.

Our scalable roadmap:

Connected Consumption Life Cycle

Our scalable process:

Services Delivery Model: