Some previous clients of Breakthrough Usability, which has become Breakthrough UX


​Projects for Previous Clients

Projects for Previous Clients

Some previous clients of Breakthrough Usability

As Breakthrough Usability, provided hundreds of engagements to leading companies. Some examples include:

  • Cross-BU task force that increased SMB revenues from $250M to $1.1B in one year, and $4B in 3 years. Raised numerous SMB products to #1 in their category.
  • “Ease of Use” Architect: Processes improved thousands of systems per year. Created custom ease of use processes that were tested and certified formally, then added to global development processes. Assisted worldwide implementation. Used these processes to help this firm win the largest contract in its history.
  • One of the world's largest e-commerce websites — 90+ projects: Raised customer success in all areas of online business operations: Revenues, support, products, content, navigation, search, jobs, news, etc.
  • Ease of use for a global Intranet that delivers resources to thousands of project teams: Drove ease of use process that transformed this from sprawling to a central platform for this firm’s operations. Named “Innovation Scan #17”, one of the most valuable global innovations in the firm’s history.
  • For multiple vendors, facilitated large, targeted key customer meetings around the world. Range from small groups to large multi-day meetings.

Breakthrough UX now merges new strategy, technology and services to help build your company's leadership of your industry, and our fast-arriving Digital Earth.

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