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Imagine a New Future:  Creating Greatness for All

If our future is digital, what will be the biggest advance?

We are about to enter an Age of Crisis:  AI and robotics shrink employment. Climate change ​limits food production and water supplies. Rising sea levels flood coastlines. Adding billions more people focuses the world economy on limitless consumption for everyone.

But technology has taken us places we never dreamed possible. What’s next? Today’s Internet child will grow up into an adult Digital Earth. This evolution has begun, but what happens if we accelerate?

Imagine a New Future: Creating Greatness for All introduces a different way to think about the future. Instead of being pushed out of middle class jobs and being left behind, an advanced Digital Earth might produce the more productive and successful future we want for all.

Can we envision a world where tech helps everyone succeed and prosper?​

Can we build a Digital Earth that has the power to improve lives and fortunes everywhere across our planet?​

In “Imagine a New Future,” Dan Abelow, a graduate of Harvard and the Wharton School, draws on a lifetime of learning and years of privately inventing new technology that could help everyone thrive and prosper.

With continuous connections, families of devices, better security, and active knowledge, this book describes new ways to move ahead when the world’s best resources serve you personally every second. It demonstrates many new ways for everyone to move up and live at the top of our combined abilities. ​

Imagine a New Future:  Creating Greatness for All

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Imagine a New Future: Creating Greatness for All

One day greatness will be in our grasp. But rather than waiting, how will our generation build that successful Digital Earth now?​

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Supply Chain 2025 Roadmap, FAST Platform for Worldwide Prosperity

Start Here to "See" the Future Now

We live in history’s inflection point. Digital disruptions overturn one industry after another. Why not the world? Get “Future Ready” now by seeing the people-first world where tech empowers everyone .

What's Tech's BIG Surprise?

First, a Global Digital Transformation will eclipse individual companies' transformations. Second, the next digital infrastructure will last for decades. But its few winners will lead a much more successful Digital Earth.

Can You Lead Tomorrow's Economy?

How will you do business in a fully Digital Economy? By leading it, if you have a FAST Supply and Demand Platform. See how Connected Consumption will guide and drive the global economy in real-time.

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Are you ready to win against the billion-user platforms, AI's and voice bots — and the $multi-billion R&D — from Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, IBM Watson and Apple?